據首爾中央區法院,判決JYJSM娛樂公司之間的持續的情況下,在過去的合同有關的問題已被推遲。 雙方無法達成一個相互調整早在開庭在8月,一個新的日期定於9。然而,儘管該裁決是上午10時將予發行的今天(13日),法庭建議雙方調解,並再次推遲判決。("開庭在8月,一個新的日期定於9月"ok bing先生的翻譯親估都懂齁...就是8月的庭法院不敢判, 叫雙方自己喬, 就延到9月開庭, 結果還是不敢判, 爛戲拖棚...結果還是一樣!!!!)



  carolicity -2012913上午1:04

According to the the Seoul Central District Court, the verdict for the ongoing case between JYJ and SM Entertainment over issues related to past contracts has been postponed.

The two parties were unable to reach a mutual adjustment back in their latest court session in August, and thus a new date was set for September. However, although the verdict was to be issued by 10 AM today (13th), the court recommended that the two parties mediate and postponed the verdict once again.

JYJ’s legal representatives commented, “The court has once again recommended that we try to mediate… Although there are differences of opinions, the court believes that an agreement can be reached and strongly wishes for the issue be mutually settled.”

“We will be adjusting our schedules so that legal representatives of both sides can meet again soon and try once again to come to an agreement,” they said.

Source + Photo: Money Today via Nate


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