昨天我們的頭號公關..羊咩咩丟了這張圖給我還故意很壞的大驚小怪的說: 米親估, 你們家俊秀跟女孩子十指相扣!!

我看完回她說: 不是粉絲就是親戚家的妹妹!!



我很喜歡這張的俊秀, 看起來好MAN喔!!愛慕.gif  




再是24日的。 [From 4/24/2011]


[Fanaccount] I Held Hands with Junsu Oppa!!!
[From 4/23/2011]
I want to brag, please listen a little T_T
Fans of DNBN,
You know the FC MEN open game on the 24th?
The girls who escort them?
You all know right?
I got picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t know with whom I will hold hands but
Anyways I can see Junsu really close T_T
It’s tomorrow but my heart is beating too much.
Just… I really wanted to show this off.
If any of you are going (to the game) that day… among the accompanying girls, I'll be there.
Don't throw curses at me, but please welcome me kekekekekekeke
[From 4/24/2011]
The person who held hands with Junsu Oppa
Yes, it’s me.
I wanted to see all of the game but it was so cold, I felt that I'd freeze to death and so I evacuated to an internet café.
I'm in the papers, what do I do? Kekekekekekekeke
My face has become known…
I look like such a lame-o in the photoT_T_T_T_T_T_T
May I brag in detail?
In the beginning, the staff said “(who wants to be) the person who hold hands with Mr. Junsu!” and so I fiercely raised my hand.
Unsurprisingly, among the accompanying girls, there were a lot of Junsu fans.
We did rock paper scissors and I won kekekekekeke
So right before we went out, I held his hand.
The important thing from this point is—
I asked Oppa, “Oppa, can't we link our fingers?” and
Oppa linked his fingers onto mine first, and said “Sounds good! Let's go!” T_T_T_T_T_T_T
Ah… what do I do… this is so amazing T_T_T_T
In any case, congratulations on the victory (by Junsu) and please don't curse me T_T ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ah… and Oppa’s hand…
People say that it's small… I couldn't feel whether it was small or big but
You can feel that it is a man’s hand.
The build/frame of the hand… Hah…. My heart stirs.
It was totally warm and soft.
I just remembered, but
While Oppa was talking to the players from Incheon, I touched the back of his hand… It's soft.




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