10月4日,在韓國文化部通信委員會的會議上,國會議員Jun Byung Hun質問KBS社長:「你禁止放送JYJ的“Pierrot”,理由是“PSM”[在他們的歌詞]針對某一特定個人。你這樣判斷究竟依據的是什麼標準?」

金社長回答稱:根據審查委員會的意見,JYJ的“Pierrot”的歌詞被認為是有問題的,因為其中的PSM是針對特定的個人。雖然,JYJ的代表解釋說,PMS代表“專業” ,“成功”,“音樂”,但我們在考慮的歌詞的整體含義後,認為這個​​解釋說不通。」




原文:Naver / Star News

KBS president under fire for banning “Pierrot”

The president of KBS has announced that JYJ can request for a re-evaluation regarding their banned song, “Pierrot“.

On October 4th, congressman Jun Byung Hun confronted the president at the Ministry of Culture Korea Communications Commission, and asked, “You banned JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’, citing reasons that ‘P.S.M.’ [in their lyrics] targeted a specific individual. What exactly are your standards?”

President Kim responded, “According to the review board, the lyrics that were deemed as problematic in JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ was that ‘P.S.M.’ targeted a specific individual. JYJ’s representatives explained that it stood for ‘professional’, ‘success’, and ‘music’, but this explanation does not make sense, considering the overall meaning of the lyrics.”

He continued, “They are welcome to resubmit their song for another evaluation.”

Congressman Jun fired back, “Is KBS the spokesperson for Lee Soo Man? The person that wrote the lyrics clarified that it was not about him, why are you not believing that? Must you interpret P.S.M. to stand for Lee Soo Man?”

President Kim replied, “The review board claimed that it was a common name to associate. I will ask that they interpret it with more flexibility.”



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